Wild Hogs

Wild hogs, or wild pigs, are a large species of pig common in the wild in certain parts of the United States. These creatures can weigh up to 700 lbs and their razor-sharp tusks can cause quite a bit of damage. If you are facing a wild hog problem in Central Texas, please call us at 870.814.6064 today for full-service wild hog removal and trapping!

Wild Hog Problems

  • They are known to attack humans
  • Carriers of diseases like e. Coli and brucellosis, which pets and humans can contract
  • Stomped-down crops

Get rid of wild hogs

Wild hogs are game animals, and many people enjoy hunting them. Wild hog trapping and prevention are generally considered more effective, however, and we don't recommend DIY wild hog trapping — instead, call the professionals at Wildlife X Team® Central Texas! We have many years of experience trapping these intelligent and dangerous creatures, so trust us to get wild hogs off your property for good! Call 870.814.6064 today!