Most people have experienced the annoyance of insects at some point in their lives. Not only are insects annoying, but they can be responsible for serious health complications when they come into contact with humans. Stinging insects are dangerous and unfortunately, they have a tendency to get into homes. Infestations of bugs are common inside homes and on properties, so if you are facing an insect infestation, call Wildlife X Team® Central Texas at 870.814.6064 today to get rid of your insect problem quickly and effectively!

Common Insects & Problems

  • Spiders have a scary appearance and can be poisonous
  • Mosquitoes are irritating and their bites can be a nuisance at best, and deadly at worst
  • Bed bugs can multiply quickly and feast on humans and pets
  • Ticks also feed on human and pet blood and transmit diseases
  • Bees, wasps, and hornets can be dangerous in large populations, especially if they feel threatened


Insects are drawn to bodies of water and dark, isolated places to hide. This can often include inside homes, so it's important to contact the professional insect technicians at Wildlife X Team® Central Texas today to help you locate all insects and prevent any future insect issues.