Chipmunks, also known as ground squirrels, can be found all throughout the United States, in areas ranging from suburban to urban. Chipmunk problems can affect homeowners in the form of stolen birdseed, ripped insulation, and other potentially costly destruction. Despite their size, chipmunks can actually cause more damage than you might expect. If you think a chipmunk is responsible for the mischief around your home, call 870.814.6064 to talk to a Wildlife X Team® Central Texas technician today. We can help you get rid of chipmunks!


  • Large groups of chipmunks can be responsible for building's foundational issues
  • Destroyed gardens
  • Bird feeder disturbances

Why (& HOW) Get Rid of Chipmunks

Chances are that, if you're reading this, you have some problem chipmunks that you need to be removed. You're in luck — we have years of experience locating and trapping these speedy little creatures and finding all their hiding spots. We can also install prevention methods so you don't have future chipmunk problems, and we also offer chipmunk damage repairs. Call 870.814.6064 today for help removing chipmunks from your Central Texas home.